CayleahCayleah is Cayleah M. (vocals/guitar), Soohong (guitar), Jesse (vocals/keys), Martin (bass) and Mark (drums).


Based in London, ON, Cayleah blends post-punk revival and indie rock to create songs with powerful lyrics, driving melodies, and post-punk rhythms. Coloured with standout guitar riffs and curbed synth effects, the final product is polished while remaining rooted in folk storytelling. Reminiscent of Ladyhawke and Metric, Cayleah draw inspiration for their sound from a diverse array of artists including Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Cat Power, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, PJ Harvey and Radiohead.


Cayleah takes you on a journey through the natural, mythical and mystical worlds leading you to a place of both darkness and lightness. They self-released their first EP, Inception (“the beginning of something”), in December, 2012. The six-song set is an expressive, lyrically driven work, courtesy of Cayleah M.’s perceptive songwriting and powerful but delicate vocals. Inception was written (Cayleah M.), recorded (Fanshawe College’s MIA Studios), co-produced and arranged (Cayleah M. and Jeremy Fong Productions) and mastered (Rob Nation, EMAC Recording Studios) locally in London, ON.


Cayleah is gigging in and around London and southwestern Ontario, getting exposure, and writing new music.