Chart Win! International Beat100 Press Release

A huge congratulations to the three winners in the BEAT100 World Music Chart this week; Cayleah, Brina and Ellis have taken the top spots with their epic videos and passionate approaches to their music and fans.

In first place we have Cayleah, a Canadian based act writing hauntingly beautiful vocal lines and a warmth of sound from the band; producing counter melodies in their own league. Cayleah’s video upload to BEAT100 has caused quite a stir, winning the band gold awards for both the song itself and the accompanying video. The song, ‘Set To Fly’, is featured on their most recent release ‘Inception’, along with 5 other original songs, and the video displays the band in their natural environment: performing live and rocking out. They are confident live performers, already playing prestigious venues in Canada such as The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. With strong songs, thrilling live shows and a unique sound, this band is set for success, with lead singer ditching her day job to focus souly on her passion for music. Cayleah‘s commitment shines through in the band’s most recent record and they are taking inspiration from the greats, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Radiohead and many more, to create a legendary classic sound. The next step for these talented musicians and songwriters is to enhance their fan base, pushing their indie rock flair onto new audiences; they have been pleased with their new found fans on the BEAT100 community, finding that ‘people have gone out of their way’ to locate the band on other media platforms after seeing them on the site. Cayleah ‘couldn’t be happier with the response on BEAT100’ and we couldn’t be happier to see them succeed.

Original release HERE


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