The Band

  • Cayleah M.

    Cayleah M.

    Vocals, Songwriter, Guitar

    As a singer I deeply admire Odetta, Nina Simone and Etta James.
    More contemporarily I would say PJ Harvey is one of my biggest songwriting influences. Dylan, Cat Power and Bowie are also hugely influential to me.

  • Soohong


    Lead Guitar

    I started music with playing piano, and got into playing bass, and that's how I got to know how to play guitar... My musical influence as a guitarist is earlier emo - type of sound when emo music was about to become mainstream.

  • Jesse



    I studied classical piano and violin for several years while growing up. I’m comfortable with acoustic piano and string sounds, but I also like to add dark, spectral synth tones to incite emotive introspection and aesthetics.

  • Martin



    My background was rooted in Jazz, funk and Blues, but have embraced many music styles. Grunge, progressive rock, and indie genres are contemporary influences. I’m developing my interest in fretless as well, returning to my jazz beginnings.

  • Mark



    I began drumming around the age of 8, being inspired by movies and my uncle's playing. I listen to a variety of music from Punk to Orchestral, and enjoy playing anything and everything in between.